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Excellence, high quality, artistic works, personalized products and services is what we have provided to our clients for more than 14 years at our headquarters in Miami – Florida. Offering an innovative, impeccable and unique result.

CCB Design Inc. “The Art of Detailing Boutique” specializes in Window Treatments (manual, motorized shades and curtains). Upholstery, Custom Made Furniture and Wallpaper, among other services, providing high quality customized products to all Clients, wether individuals, Designers, Architects, Constructors and Real Estate Agents, (as “Channel Partners” for their clients), since 2009.

CCB ‘s Founder, CEO and Creative Advisor, Maria Jose Valdivieso, provides a hands on, personalized service delivering the best quality of products and services to an exclusive clients.



We have more than 14 years experience create customized designs and installing all types of manual and motorized Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Wood blinds and Hunter Douglas blinds for commercial, residential, yachts and boats environments.

Upholstery & Custom Made Furniture

Our upholstery and custom made furniture, cushions and pillows are always impeccable, innovative and tailor-made for each customers

Our  Clients


I like to give each of my clients a personalized and highest quality service, so I start the business relationship with a face to face meeting in the space the customers wants to work on or at the offices of my Channel Partners. In case of Individuales this helps me get a feel for the customers’ personal taste, as I talk to them and examine their current decor in case of and Its a perfect opportunity for a client to speak frankly about their dream design, goals, material preferences and budget and in case of Channel Partner they can convey to me the needs and taste of their clients. I can then create for them a customized state of the art complete proposal to implement the  customers dream product, that includes shades, curtains, furniture, wall paper, colors and shapes, etc.”


“Excellence, High Quality, State of the Art, Customized Products and Personalized Services, is what  CCB Design  provides to its Customers”.

Extensive Experience

We are specialists in design, upholstery and furniture transformation, wall upholstery, manual and automatic curtains, cushions, bedding and wallpaper.

Customer Service

Our personalized service begins with the understanding of each customer specific needs and continues with the search of fabrics, design ideas and the customize proposals presentation and ends with the feedback of each customer, to make sure that we are providing them exactly what they are looking for.

Happy Customers

We always listen carefully to what our customers are looking, for to provide them, with a customized product and service which exceeds their expectations.

Work Team

We have a large team of professionals working to meet every request from our customers, with the highest standards.

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